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In his youth, Charles E. Friedman was fascinated by aquatic life of all kinds. After he made his home near Shilshole Bay in the Seattle area, he began a dedicated quest to learn more and obtain examples of the legendary Shilshole shells, and to this day, he is foremost authority on the subject.

During his travels to Asia and Europe (in a past career of packing art for museums) he was astounded  to find other perfect specimens and procured them from market places and back alleys around the world. On a journey of discovery, he started to collect and study the rare foreign shells that are so similar to the shells of his own collection.

Origin of these shells are somewhat obscure, ranging from the tallest mountain range to alluvial* deposits of the great rivers.

Friedman’s entire collection is especially significant as it consists of complete pristine shells to shards from around the world. There are examples of juvenile and mature shells in amazing, breathtaking colors, never before seen in one place, at one time.

Photo courtesy of the Louvre 2007


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