Alyssa Hull






I am originally from Summitville, IN, where I grew up sketching compulsively since childhood.  I followed my artistic inclination into Anderson University, where I graduated in 2007 with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Glass.  An ever-burning need to explore my medium, surroundings, and opportunities brought me to Seattle in 2008.  I have since been working in glass with other artists and developing my own work.  This work has included glass, mixed-media, and woodcarving.  As my work has been heavier handed towards mixed-media in the past, I am now making a more forward and focused move back into primary work with glass as a medium.


Artist Statement


My work started off as extension of myself not only because I have created it, but in the way that my own life experiences have created me.  Finding beauty among imperfection has been a dominant theme in my life among the things I am inherently drawn to.  In the beginning, it was more about finding the beauty within my own imperfections, as I was burnt in a fire as a baby.  To see that something that may visually be damaged can still be beautiful, is to me, and acquired gift or taste that we gain through our own path we find in life.  My previous mixed media works challenge one to see the beauty among the destruction by delving deeper into the visual textures and imagery to see the true intricacies of the material.  They do, however, also invoke subtle healing aspects within them as well.  From this I have stemmed forth looking at imperfections that may commonly be seen as beautiful without being amplified, such as those we find in nature.  A tree may be harmed in similar fashions to humans, but also I have begun to look at other juxtapositions between humanity and nature.  It is on this course now that I am exploring a new ?branch?, so to speak, of my work.  I want to do this in a fashion that compares, contrasts, and combines humans, nature, and the unspoken dialogue that lies between.