Alstroemeria: al-stro-meria. Lilicea Andrea commonly called Peruvian Lily.

Alluvial: a-loo-vi-al. Land formed by washed-up earth and sand matter.

Dicroic: di-hro-ik. Showing two colors, especially doubly of refracting crystals are the result from vaporized titanium inside a vacuum. It may also come from the mollusks eating of the heavy metal titanium, a rare mineral.

Flotsam and Jetsam: garbage from the sea.

Ersatz: artificial, bogus, imitation, fake, faux, man-made pretend, simulated.

Littoral Zone: the space between high and low tides, where the garbage of the sea collects.

Midden: a term used by archeologists for a garbage dump, made by humans.

Sea Squirt: any marine Tunicate of the class Ascidiacea, consisting of a bag-like structure with apertures for the flow of water.

Seashell: the cast-off shell of a saltwater (domes confused with freshwater shells) mollusk. Made from a heavy concentration of calcium and other digestible minerals.

Turbinated: to be twisted up like a turban, freshwater and seawater shell and land snails including the Periwinkle. Shaped like a top or inverted cone, with whorls decreasing rapidly in size.


Anatomy of the Seashell:

The singular lip is the feeding and sexual part of the mollusk.

Splines are the external spine of the shell which give it more support.

lips and splines

horns and dicro


More dicro over regular color:

optic twist wrap


Sizes A-E


seashell size